Dear All,

We have some bad news.

We have decided NOT to run the Pro Archery Series in 2019. All four events are cancelled.

The reasons are partly personal, partly business, but mainly the continued uncertainty surrounding Brexit here in the UK.

As you may know this is likely to be the single worst decision that the UK has ever made. As the majority of our trade is with the EU, Brexit will affect our business and that is why we created a subsidiary company in Luxembourg in 2017. We had hoped that whatever decision the UK Government makes we could have had plenty of time to expand this company. However, the UK Government seems intent on running the clock down.

This will make us even busier.

Basically, we cannot do everything, so the core business must come first.

We are very sorry that we have not contacted you earlier, but we have been told so many times by the UK Government that terms under which we leave will soon be known. We are still waiting.

We will be writing to everyone involved in the Pro Archery Series, and we hope to schedule a new calendar of events for 2020.

Once again sorry for the bad news.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped make the Pro Archery Series a success with particular mentions for Alistair, Steph, Jo, Jeroen and Tap for many years of assistance. We fully expect to see everyone again in 2020.

Also a big thank you to our sponsors for their support...

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    Best regards

    Glyn Goodwin and Tony Goodwin

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