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CURRENT EVENT: 2017 Cartel Classic


2017 Cartel Classic

The 2017 Cartel Classic event is coming soon. Ivana Buden has scored nine victories to date making her the most successful athlete in Pro Archery Series competition, ahead of eight time winner Dave Cousins and seven time winner Jesse Broadwater. Aiming for her tenth victory she has made some changes for 2017, not least her move to the Bowtech brand, joining her brother Domagoj on the factory team.

Eight times winner Dave Cousins returns to the Pro Archery Series in 2017 and will compete in three events as he too aims to break the magic ten victories. He will be joined in Mullenborn by another US Prime factory shooter, Heather Gore.

New Gripper prizes for leading competitors after day 1. 400 EURO will be awarded to the highest scoring lady and highest scoring gent after the first day of competition.

The 2017 Cartel Classic event will mark the Pro Archery Series debuts for a host of new competitors including Christian Schoenfeld, Mikey McGhee, Sandra van der Looy, Dirk Wanschura, Giuseppe Seimandi, Heather Gore, Irene Francini, Isabell Thun and Nico Wiener.

The 2017 Cartel Classic takes place on 24/25 June in Mullenborn, Germany. This event was first run in 2007 and was won by Sebastien Denayer and Silke Hottecke. As the Pro Archery Series developed over the years this event became increasingly popular with competitors and viewers. Situated in the spectacular Eifel region in Germany, the SuSC Mullenborn venue is as picturesque as it is physically demanding.

The action starts at 9am CET (Central European Time) on Saturday 24th June. Check out our web site for full event coverage and social media for pre-event build up and much more.

We will have LIVE Scoring, every archer's scorecard, over 4 hours of extensive video programming, course maps and much more...



Since 2007 the Pro Archery Series has grown in stature every year and today it is widely regarded as the "unofficial world cup" of Field Archery where the world's top archers compete on the world's toughest courses for their share of the € 13,800.00 EURO prize fund per event.

World class competitors such as Dave Cousins, Ivana Buden, Jesse Broadwater, Jamie Van Natta, Chris White, Mike Schloesser, Stephan Hansen and Tim Gillingham regularly compete in Pro Archery Series events.

Every event is presented online to a global audience with live scoring, over four hours of on-demand video coverage with entertaining and expert commentary, and much more - all available for you to watch free of charge.

In 2017 we have four high profile events...

2017 Calendar

24/25 June - Cartel Classic - Müllenborn - GERMANY

15/16 July - Doinker Masters - Esch - LUXEMBOURG

12/13 August - Fort van Lier - BELGIUM

2/3 September - Alternative Welsh Masters - Dan-y-Darren - WALES

2017 Cartel Classic Day 1
2017 Cartel Classic - Day 2 Group List
2017 Cartel Classic - Entry List
2017 Pro Archery Series - Prize Draw
Bohning Continues Support for 2017 Rankings
The Archery Company and DS Archery Continue Support
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Weather: Fort van Lier
Weather: Müllenborn
Weather: Esch-sur-Alzette
Weather: Dan-y-Darren


All event winners
2007 Cartel Classic
  • Sebastien Denayer
  • Silke Hottecke
  • 2008 Cartel Classic
  • Dave Cousins
  • Silke Hottecke
  • 2009 Mullenborn Classic
  • Sebastien Denayer
  • Gladys Willems
  • 2009 Fort van Lier
  • Dave Cousins
  • Silke Hottecke
  • 2010 Mullenborn Classic
  • Dave Cousins
  • Gladys Willems
  • 2010 Fort van Lier
  • Robert Abstreiter
  • Anne Lantee
  • 2011 Welsh Masters
  • Dave Cousins
  • Gladys Willems
  • 2011 Cartel Classic
  • Dave Cousins
  • Ivana Buden
  • 2011 Fort van Lier
  • Dave Cousins
  • Ivana Buden
  • 2012 Doinker Welsh Masters
  • Dave Cousins
  • Ivana Buden
  • 2012 Cartel Classic
  • Slavko Tursic
  • Anne Lantee
  • 2012 Fort van Lier
  • Dietmar Trillus
  • Kristina Berger
  • 2013 Cartel Classic
  • Jesse Broadwater
  • Ivana Buden
  • 2013 Fort van Lier
  • Jesse Broadwater
  • Ulrike Wiese
  • 2013 Doinker Welsh Masters
  • Jesse Broadwater
  • Ivana Buden
  • 2014 Cartel Classic
  • Jesse Broadwater
  • Ivana Buden
  • 2014 Fort van Lier
  • Ben English
  • Camilla Soemod
  • 2014 Alternative Welsh Masters
  • Slavko Tur?i?
  • Ivana Buden
  • 2015 Fort van Lier
  • Dave Cousins
  • Ivana Buden
  • 2015 Cartel Classic
  • Jesse Broadwater
  • Jamie Van Natta
  • 2015 Alternative Welsh Masters
  • Jesse Broadwater
  • Jamie Van Natta
  • 2016 Fort van Lier
  • Jesse Broadwater
  • Ivana Buden
  • 2016 Cartel Classic
  • Andre Grawinkel
  • Gladys Willems
  • 2016 Doinker Masters - Luxembourg
  • Stephan Hansen
  • Inge Enthoven
  • 2016 Alternative Welsh Masters
  • Tim Gillingham
  • Jamie Van Natta
  • Previous Event 2016 Alternative Welsh Masters Masters

    2016 Alternative Welsh Masters

    The fourth and final round of the 2016 Pro Archery Series took place at the fearsome Dan-y-Darren quarry set within the beautiful Brecon National Park in Wales over the weekend of 3/4 September.

    With an early threat of heavy rain forecast for Saturday the archers were quickly sent out on to the course. This was going to be a long day.

    In the ladies division Hope Greenwood set the early pace but it would be a close battle all day. The lead swapped between Ivana Buden, Jamie Van Natta, Ulrike Wiese and Sarah Prieels and at one point after 17 targets we had a four way tie for first place. With no sheltered areas around the course the archers were taking extra time to complete each target.

    After 19 targets Sarah Prieels held a comfortable 3 point lead over Jamie Van Natta. Then she came to the target 1-5 sequence at the top of the course when the wind and rain was at it's worst. By the end of day she had slipped into second place, six points back. Jamie held the overnight lead on 439, Sarah 433, Ivana 430 and Anne Lantee 424. Anne was the last archer to complete the course and this was following an all-night trip from the 3D event in Slovenia on Friday... and just one hour's sleep!

    In the gents division the event favourite Tim Gillingham started the day badly scoring a 17 on target 11, the 80 yard walk-up set on an incredibly steep slope. With the competition close up front he would have his work cut out to get himself back in to contention. The early pace was set by Stephan Hansen and Mike Schloesser swapping the lead between them. Also, not far behind was the impressive Domagoj Buden. With the long exhausting day he could take the lead if the others began to tire. Domagoj is considered to be the fittest athlete in the Pro Archery Series with an endless workout regime.

    After 17 targets Tim was back in front holding a joint first place with Stephan. Then came target 11. Stephan scored 16... This promoted Tim into a clear first place and with a few extra points lost over the subsequent targets the gap grew to 7 points by the end of the day. Tim finished on 460, Stephan 453 and joint third were Chris White and Domagoj Buden with 452.

    No sooner had the archers returned to their hotels the rain cleared away and gave the organisers a chance to assess and clear away any damage. With work on drainage improved over the years the quarry venue dried out very quickly and all of the targets were fine. Most impressively the Maple Leaf Waterproof target faces once again proved themselves. They have now been tested in the Mullenborn monsoon and windy Wales.

    Those keeping an eye on Facebook overnight would have seen countless photos of wet archery gear drying out in hotel rooms. Thankfully Sunday would be dry throughout the day.

    Jamie Van Natta was extremely confident with a healthy 6 point advantage. Sarah Prieels on the other hand shot on the wrong face on the bunny on their second target and slipped down to fourth place. The rest of the day she scored either X's or 4's. By the end of the day Jamie's lead was an incredible 18 points over Ivana and full of confidence going in to the forthcoming World Field Championships in Ireland. The final scores were Jamie 728, Ivana 710, Inge Enthoven 707, Sarah 704.

    In the Beiter Accuracy Award Jamie took home the soft toy and 500 EURO with 46 X's ahead of Sarah on 43's, both comfortably ahead of the others.

    Tim Gillingham would need to be struck by lightning on day 2 to be denied victory, but he would probably have a tool for that situation somewhere in his quiver. A 7 point lead is enormous in the gents class. Over the course of the day he took apart the opposition and extended his lead to 14 points. A true Champion. The final scores were Tim 754, joint second were Mike and Domagoj on 740 and Stephan Hansen 739.

    The Beiter Accuracy Award also went Tim's way with 66 X's. Stephan came second with 58 and Domagoj and Peter Leijon were third with 56 X's.

    That's all from the Pro Archery Series in 2016. Next year we will have four events during the summer months starting with the Cartel Classic at Mullenborn at the end of June.


    Previous Event 2016 Doinker Masters

    2016 Doinker Masters

    For many archers the field course at Esch-sur-Alzette in southern Luxembourg is a hidden gem. The former iron ore quarry has long since returned to nature with many mature trees and grassland areas. With cliff edges and steep gradients aplenty the course designers used the best shots from their European 5 Nations layout and made each shot tougher with bigger angles and smaller target faces. A real challenge.

    Linda Lainchbury put in a stunning performance early on Saturday. While everyone else was dropping points Linda held the lead until her 14th target when she was finally overhauled by Ivana Buden. An unfortunate miss on her 18th target dropped her further down the leaderboard but she recovered and ended the day only 4 points behind Ivana (455), Ulrike Wiese (453) and Inge Enthoven (452). With Hope Greenwood (451) equalling Linda's score there are at least five ladies with a realistic chance for victory on Sunday.

    Once the gents class leaderboard settled it was Duncan Busby at the top with a comfortable lead over a whole host of different names. Initially Julien Lallemant and Geraint Thomas were challenging with career best performances but as the day wore on they were overtaken by Stephan Hansen, Domagoj Buden and Mike Schloesser. The day ended with the top 10 covered by just 8 points.

    Sunday's action lived up to the promise and delivered exciting battles in both classes.

    The ladies battle was a three way fight between Ivana Buden, Inge Enthoven and Hope Greenwood who spent the day in a different group on the other side of the course. By the third target Hope and Ivana were tied for the lead with Inge just one point back whilst the other contenders faded throughout the day. The three ladies were never separated by more than 2 points over the first part of the day. On target 17 Inge took a one point lead over Ivana and maintained that gap to the end. Hope came in third and took home the Beiter Accuracy Award for the most X's in the ladies class.

    Duncan Busby had a tough day ahead of him. He had the current world number one and number two ranked archers (WA) just behind him. and they were all keen to score their first Pro Archery Series victory.

    By target 7 Duncan's 2 point lead have been overcome and both Stephan Hansen and Mike Schloesser were all on a three way tie for first place. Stephan took over the lead and held a small gap to Duncan until the end. It was on the final target, an 80yd shot on a 50cm face, that Duncan slipped to third place behind Mike Schloesser. Stephan also took home the Beiter Accuracy Award for the most X's and also takes the lead in the 2016 Bohning Pro Archery Rankings so he is number one with us too, for at least seven weeks until the Alternative Welsh Masters on 3/4 September.

    Next event: 2016 Alternative Welsh Masters - Dan-y-Darren - WALES - 3/4 September.


    Previous Event 2016 Cartel Classic

    2016 Cartel Classic

    After the searing 33 degree heat of Friday's practice day, Saturday began with persistant rain and much cooler temperaturers. The extreme SuSC Mullenborn course is tough in the dry. In the wet it would be a very long day for all of the competitors.

    Gladys Willems took control of the ladies class from the third target and gradually extended her lead throughout day one over both Ulrike Wiese and Ivana Buden. She ended the day with a very comfortable 8 point gap over Ivana who herself enjoyed a 3 point lead over Kristina Heigenhauser as Ulrike faded.

    The gents class was incredibly close with the lead swapping many times between several competitors. All eyes were on World Number 1 Ranked archer and recently crowned European Target Champion Stephan Hansen and he did not disappoint.

    However, it was local hero Andre Grawinkel who took an early lead before dropping back behind Chris White and Stephan Hansen. Chris led the field for much of the day but he too could not hold back Stephan and a resurgent Andre. By the end of the day Andre and Stephan had tied for the lead with Chris 3 points further back.

    Jens Asbach finished in a best ever 4th place but sadly announced his withdrawal from the 2016 Cartel Classic event after suffering a knee injury. We wish Jens a speedy recovery. His departure promotes Dejan Sitar into Sunday's top group.

    Sunday began a whole lot brighter and sunnier but with the ground still sodden after Saturday the conditions were still going to be tough.

    Ivana Buden was on a mission to claw back the 8 point gap over Gladys and initially made up ground as Gladys dropped a number of points early on. However the gap stabilized at 2-3 points for much of the rest of the day meaning that Gladys held on to win her fourth Pro Archery Series event.

    Kristina Heigenhauser finished in third place but outscored Gladys on X count meaning that she won the Beiter Accuracy Award of 500 EURO and the Dauchingen Devil in the ladies class.

    In the gents class it was all about Chris White and Andre Grawinkel. Joint overnight leader Stephan Hansen dropped back to third early on and Chris quickly made gains on Andre and with just four targets remaining they were tied for the lead. It was on one of our filmed targets, an uphill 65yd at the far end of the course that Chris dropped 2 points to Andre and he couldn't claw that back by the final target meaning that Andre won his first Pro Archery Series event.

    In the gents class the Beiter Accuracy Award went to Mike Schloesser who scored 3 more x's than Andre to take home the extra 500 EURO and the Dauchingen Devil.

    Congratulations to everyone on completing one of the toughest Cartel Classic events for many years.

    Next event: 2016 Doinker Masters - Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg - 16/17 July.


    Previous Event 2016 Fort van Lier

    2016 Fort van Lier

    The 2016 Fort van Lier event saw a tremendous battle in the ladies class between Jamie Van Natta (USA), Gladys Willems (BEL) and Ivana Buden (CRO). After Day 1 Jamie and Gladys were tied for the lead on 462 with Ivana just one point adrift with 461. On Day 2 Jamie increased her lead as Gladys and Ivana slipped back initially. Soon, Ivana began to claw back with a supreme performance to first surpass the American legend on the Beiter X count and then on the final target to tie for the overall lead setting up a nail biting shoot off. With rain clouds looming overhead it was Ivana who outscored Jamie in the three arrow head to head and take a memorable victory as well as tie with Liam Grimwood for the most podiums scored in Pro Archery Series history.

    The gents class was headed by Jesse Broadwater (USA) with a commanding victory. He missed out on the Belgian event in recent years due to clashing commitments and he had been desperate to return. Jesse certainly enjoys the unique and challenging Belgian venue. In second place was Renaud Domanski (BEL) with his best ever finish in what is likely to be his final archery event - at least for the foreseeable future - as he concentrates on the next stage of his life. He will certainly be missed and we hope he decides to return in the future as he possesses an incredible talent. In joint third place was Dejan Sitar (SLO) and Mike Schloesser (NED) who both overcame Stephan Hansen (DEN) and many others following closely behind.

    We have over 4 hours of video programming available online for you to watch free of charge, plus scoreboard, scorecards and competitor profiles.

    Next event: 2016 Cartel Classic - Mullenborn, Germany 25/26 June.


    Beiter Accuracy Award Ivana Buden and Jesse Broadwater - winners at 2016 Fort van Lier

    Beiter Accuracy Award

    We would like to thank Beiter, manufacturer of the world's most accurate nocks and a whole range of precision products, for their continued support of the Pro Archery Series via the Accuracy Award.

    Winners each receive 500 EURO plus a very cute Dauchingen Devil soft toy for scoring the highest X counts over each event weekend.

    The Dauchingen Devils have returned in 2016 as Beiter continue support of the Pro Archery Series through the Accuracy Award.

    The 2016 Beiter Accuracy Award results are as follows...

    Fort van Lier - Belgium
    1. Ivana Buden - 72
    2. Jamie Van Natta - 71
    3. Inge Enthoven - 51

    1. Jesse Broadwater - 104
    2. Dejan Sitar - 86
    3. Steve Anderson - 81

    Cartel Classic - Germany
    1. Kristina Heigenhauser - 54
    2. Gladys Willems - 53
    3. Ivana Buden - 49

    1. Mike Schloesser - 78
    2. Andre Grawinkel - 75
    = Domagoj Buden - 75

    Doinker Masters - Luxembourg
    1. Hope Greenwood - 54
    2. Inge Enthoven - 52
    3. Ivana Buden - 51

    1. Stephan Hansen - 86
    2. Mike Schloesser - 84
    3. Dirk Stuckmann - 70

    Alternative Welsh Masters - Wales
    1. Jamie Van Natta - 46
    2. Sarah Prieels - 43
    3. Inge Enthoven - 36

    1. Tim Gillingham - 66
    2. Stephan Hansen - 58
    3. Domagoj Buden - 56

    Bohning Profiles
    Peter LeijonRANK: 33
    Peter Leijon
    Pro Archery debut: 2011

    Former World Indoor Champion Peter Leijon (Grip) from Sweden is one of the stars of the European scene and he made his Pro Archery debut at the 2011 Fort van Lier event.

    SightBlack Gold
    ReleaseStan / TRU Ball
    ArrowsGold Tip
    VanesSpider Vanes
    NocksGold Tip
    OtherGripper V Bar
    All Pro Archery Event Winnings
    2011 Fort van Lier265.17 EURO
    2012 Doinker Welsh Masters479.13 EURO
    2012 Cartel Classic328.88 EURO
    2014 Fort van Lier230.59 EURO
    2015 Fort van Lier348.00 EURO
    2015 Alternative Welsh Masters300.00 EURO
    2016 Cartel Classic390.00 EURO
    2016 Doinker Masters223.33 EURO
    2016 Alternative Welsh Masters415.00 EURO
    TOTAL:2,980.10 EURO
    Pro Archery Series Stats
    Events completed17
    Best Score - Field542
    Best Score - Pro470
    Best Score - International293
    Best Position5
    Average Position18.24
    Average Winnings175.30 EURO
    Career Points12011
    2014 Points2204
    View more archer profiles...
    2017 Cartel Classic
    2017 Doinker Masters
    2017 Fort van Lier
    2017 Alternative Welsh Masters
    Bohning Rankings
    1Ivana Buden3240€ 3,240.00
    2Inge Enthoven2380€ 1,880.00
    3Gladys Willems2130€ 1,880.00
    4Jamie Van Natta2080€ 2,080.00
    5Sarah Prieels766.5€ 0.00
    6Hope Greenwood753€ 380.00
    7Ulrike Wiese690€ 0.00
    8Anne Lantee623€ 0.00
    9Chantal Noest463€ 0.00
    10Lucy Holderness450€ 0.00
    1Stephan Hansen5170€ 5,170.00
    2Mike Schloesser4015€ 4,015.00
    3Andre Grawinkel3610€ 3,610.00
    4Domagoj Buden3030€ 3,030.00
    5Jesse Broadwater3000€ 3,000.00
    =Tim Gillingham3000€ 3,000.00
    7Chris White2790€ 2,790.00
    8Dejan Sitar1735€ 1,735.00
    9Renaud Domanski1580€ 1,580.00
    10Dirk Stuckmann1560€ 1,560.00
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